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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Time:2:16 am.
 Still no job. Boo.
I've applied for a few positions. Had one interview. No news yet. 
I guest hosted at McFaddens for2 days. Some of the worst pain my feet have ever endured. I don't mind being on my feet but I need something to do! I don't mind working there every once and a while but I can't work there as an actual employee. 
In the mean time, I have promo jobs and this survey rep job at the Wach Center thats actually sort of fun. Next game Oct 16.

Things I Want/Need:
a job
my own place
Flyers Tix
to see Dane Cook
Transformers on dvd in 1 week!
to stop eating pizza 4 times a week
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Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Time:2:28 pm.
I'm at my internship. This is my last week and I have NOTHING to do. I just rated about 400 movies on facebook. But back to this being my last week...I'm petrified. I need a job. I'm working toward it. I applied for a few positions and I had one interview so far. Not sure how that went and even more unsure if I even want the job. It's a sales position and sometimes I think yea I can do that, I want to to do that. But the more I think about it, the more I wonder if I want a job so bad, that I'm convinving myself to do something I don't honestly want to do. I graduate in less then a month and all I can think about is finally having a full time job so I can move out. The longer I live there, the worse my relationship with my mother becomes. I don't want to dislike her but I can't stand her! I have a slight touch of OCD and her cigarettes have started to drive me insane. 

On a better note, me and Brian celebrated our 5 year anniversary Saturday (which is like 2 weeks after the actual date of our anniversary). We went to the Aquarium and made friends with the hippos. Then we went home and napped. Later we had dinner at the Chart House on Penn's Landing. It was very pretty there. You almost didn't feel like you were in Philly. The food was good and best of all when we were finished we went out on the deck and fed ducks. Then we found a nice spot to sit at Penn's Landing and stayed there for a good hour. It felt like it did when we first started going out together which was really nice. I hada  wonderful time :)
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Monday, January 15th, 2007

Time:10:32 pm.
So 2007...
is the shittiest year ever. Why is it only January 15th?

This allergic reaction skin problem I'm having is weird. It was almost gone on my face but my body was still a lil messed up. Now my body is getting much much better but my face is reacting again. I hope it's just cuz my regular allergies are bothering me. As far as I can tell, I don't feel like there is anything I've been eating or drinking or consuming or wearing or applying in any way that can be affecting me. It had to start with something before X-mas I don't use or eat often and it just hasn't gone away yet.

I spent all of last week at work or with my cousins. Turns out my uncle most likely suffered a stroke or hemmorage or something b/c of the brain tumor. At least he went quickly. I still feel horrible for the family. I will really miss him so very much. I hadn't seen him much lately and he was getting pretty bad with comprehension and understanding but you don't really realize this or let it affect you until they really are gone. I've always been so close with my cousins. We grew up together. My aunt and uncle were a 2nd set of parents to me. I have so many wonderful memories with my cousins and their parents are always close by if not actually invloved in them. I'm glad I decided not to do the reading at the funeral b/c while I was composed, I cried almost the entire time I was in the church. 

Now to make matters worse, and really what are the chances this happened so soon?, my childhood best friend's mother is about to die.  We grew apart a very long time ago, but she'll always be a very best friend to me. Her brother just got engaged to one of my cousins. When I stopped hanging out with her, her and Ange got really close. They've grown apart too a little but they still live up the same street so they're closer then I am to her. Her other got sick and tonight was ruched into open heart surgery and she died for 10 minutes, They came out and told the family that she had died. Then they managed to revive her heart.  Several hours later I spoke with my cousin Tina and she said that b/c her heart had stopped for so long, she is now in the OR brain dead. They don't know if she will make it through the night. One week and 2 days after my cousin loses her dad, one of her best friends is about to lose her mother. Jakki, I know how you feel now. I know you had an awful year last year and it looks as though I'm in your shadow.  This is absoutley awful.

Now I start school tomorrow and I was pretty stressed as it was. I have this one class that Im pretty much terrified of. My stomach was in knots already. But now I feel like Im going to puke. I have to stop at Tina's house tomorrow to pick up some shit for school and I am petrified that I will go there to find out this woman is dead. 

I hope to god its just January and the rest of the year will improve.
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Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Time:11:26 pm.
Mood: sad.

I know I said I would post more but I lied.

Let's see, Christmas, was wonderful. My boyfriend does me right every year. I really wanted an Ipod and he got me a blue nano that I love. Plus some perfume i wanted, movies, and gift cards and stuff. 
I got him a  gift card to a spa (not a geigh for you filthy minded people out there). I made him a flyers build a bear too haha, and I named it Sami :) Plus I got him this book I heard him talk about a while back called the Zombie Survival Guide and more movies.

New Years- had a really good time. Got to see Jimmy all week. New Years Eve we went to Jaconi and Brees house which I always love cuz of the cats. We played a few games of Cranium and pissed the guys off when the girls kept kicking there asses. New Years day we went to the Convention Center with the Saturnalians after we spent all morning at the club whicle every one got dressed (I helped do make up!) It was really fun being with them all day and even having a little role (Brian marshalled) Then we got to walk down 2nd street with them which made me really happy and I got drunk haha thats not something that happens very very often lol. I had a good time but I was bummed they only came in 7th. i was so proud of Zacks brother this being his first year as captain and all.

Yesterday they had the rest of the parade and well I was pretty bored. I don't see anyone anymore hardly at all so I get bored around everyone. I tried staying with Jakki the whole time cuz she's usually pretty fun but she's like magic and kept disappearing on everyone. 

So i came home from work today and was about to start working out when my cousin Ange called me and told me that her dad died. Now her dad's been sick for a really long time now, but it wasn't even his illness that killed him, the poor man choked to death. I seriously hope my aunt looks into this situation and makes sure that the hospice he was living in was actually doing there job because it\f he died because they wern't watching him properly that's fucked up and somethign needs to be doen about it before another patient gets hurt. 
Besides all of that I feel horrible for my aunt and cousins. It hasn't even been a year since we lost my Uncle Sal. There half brother Justin, is currently in rehab which was a long time coming. I pray that his dad's death doesn't set that back any. What a horrible way to start the new year (and today was my brother's birthday).

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Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Time:3:10 am.
I'm not really doing too much else with myself right now since school is over so I don't have a reason not to post more regularly (especially at 2 am when I wait for Brian to wake up and get ready for work).
I got my grades in. Four A's and 2 B's. The A's were in all of my 300 level courses which are supposed to be the hard ones. One B was in aerobics ha. I think I'll do better in weight training next semester. I've been done school for less then a week and I already read an entire book on my own.
I'm so excited for Christmas, I usually am. I got Brian a lot of really nice gifts. I had ordered him a shirt I made about Lost but when it came in, it was missing a line of text and it looked crappy anyway so I have to send it back. I definitly spent more money this year then usual. But I don't mind, I love getting gifts for people and making them happy. 
Now that schools over, I have more time and I wish my shows were on. I miss Lost :( At least there's hockey (too bad we're so horrible right now). But at least I have time to actually go out.
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Sunday, September 10th, 2006

Time:12:04 am.
I went the entire summer w/o posting a dam thing. I was just too tired and lazy most of the time. I hated my job at the pool. Despised it actually. My boss was so ignorant and possibly racist I was never able to figure that part out. He may have just been trying to make himself look better by picking up for the dumbass he was responsible for hiring. Anyway, couldn't be happier that's over. 
I have a love/hate relationship w/ the gift shop. Right now I'm feeling amicable toward it even though I got yelled at this week b/c we don't sell Caffine free coca cola, just the diet one.  Well bitch I'm so very sorry that we don't make sure we have the soda you want, ya know b/c you were only here once but let's get on top of that right away just in case you ever come back into the hospital. 
Even though I spent most of my summer working I still had a pretty good time. I went to 6 flags once, to Wildwood for 2 days w/ Kay, 1 day w/ a bunch of other people and in August I stayed down for 3 nights w/ Brian, Zack, Walt,  and Leanne. My brother Jason stayed w/ us for 2 nigth which was actually pretty cool. Him and my friends got a long well and I never spend time w/ him so that was cool. Ryan also came down for a day. I had a really good time even though the first night we were there me walt and leanne got tickets for drinking on the boardwalk, but believe me those cops were assholes even though they were kinda nice (I know that doesn't make much sense) and most of them couldn't have been much older than me. Me Brian and Zack went to the water park one day and I did shotgun falls for the first time which was cool but it hurt my ass haha. We did the rides one night too. I rode the Great White for the first time which was cool and I rode the Ferris Wheel w/ Brian and I havn't been on that since I was a very small child. I also relearned how to play rummy and I KICK ASS!!  Brian bought me a bunch of stuff while we were there, he's so ncie :)
So even though I had a great time down the shore it still does not compare to going to Cancun w/ Brian. I only have 2 complaints. 1.) I had the worst time on the plane ride there. My ears were popping so bad that they hurt for 2 days and threw my equilibrium off and made me get drunk really quickly the next day (but I guess that's not too bad lol. 2.) We had to come home. 
It was so fabulous there I want to go back 1000 times.  The hotel was so much more than I had hoped for. We had the most amazing view right in the lobby. There were several places to eat so we always had a choice for dinner and all. We had room service available to us all nught. Even Spanish MTV was better then ours lol. They had weird diet soda though lol. It was Pespi Lite not diet pepsi. THe people that worked there were the nicest people and they made service in Philly seem even worse than I thought it was before. I have a new found love for Mexicans. So some of the highlights of Cancun? Swimming w/ dolphins (my personal favorite part) , finding a big ass sea turtle on the beach one night, snorkling at a reef where we saw some cool as fish including triggers a pretty big nurse shark. The swim up bar and getting to swim in the gorgeous warm pools all day. The warm beautiful ocean water that beat me up the last day and stole my sunglasses lol. The pretty necklace and painting I bought. The band that played every other night (the lady sang so pretty and had a cute accent) almost winning theme song trivia but redeeming myself by winning a t-shirt and bandana at bingo. 
What else good happened this summer? Well Jimmy was just home last week and I missed him, got to go bowling tiwce and play laser tag. 
Brians bunny died and that sucked. 
Saw Bon Jovi and Kelley Clarkson. BJ was amazing as usual. Kelly was fantastic. Me and Amy got caught in the rain and I got a cold. 

Now Im back to school and waiting ever so patiently for hockey to start back up. I want a Mike Richards jersey soooo badly. 
My schedule's pretty good I suppose. 6 classes but one's aerobics which is gonna be fun. I have 1 class thats pretty easy but has a lot of work. 3 classes that are gonna be kinda tough. 1 class that I have no idea cuz my teachers a weirdo. I managed to fit in 20 hrs a week at work but I have Friday's and Saturday's off. Thats just wonderful. I eat lunch mwf w/ Tina and Holly and I've already made several new friends, I used to hate eating lunch w/ Tina. I didn't like most of Richie's friends but Tina's friends are much better. I went out w/ Holly this weekend and had a really good time. I've done a good job of making friends in class too this semester and I got all of my books at the library so no spenign money for me whoo hoo!.

I mus have read 30-40 books this summer but now Im looking forward to the return of Lost and Grey's Anatomy and Ive said it already, my boys the Flyers. 

And I love the Frey
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Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Time:10:55 pm.
So I started my new job at the Holiday Inn Express' pool. It's pretty cool. $8 an hour to do hardly anything. It's been really hot out so that kinda sucks but I did get to go in the pool today. I dont like goin in when there are people out but it was dead today. Then the Gm told me I couldn't walk arounf in my bathign suit (I actually had on the shirt they gave me and my bikini shorts) so I had to put my jean shorts back on. My boss told me I was allowed to swim though so now Im gonna be all scared shes gonna bitch at me if I go in the pool. I've also reandomy developed backne which might be from sweating a lot. I hope it goes away soon. Maybe once my body gets used to dealing with the heat ona  daily basis it will. It's not too bad cuz its little bumps the same color as my skin but I know its there and it bothers me. Im going to be really really dark by the end of the summer. Right now Im sporting a slight sunglasses tan and I have to do something about this. 

LAst Comic standing is pretty funny.
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Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Time:2:27 am.
I have had, a long, hard past 10 days.
It's absolutley fantastic that school is done. But until about an hour ago I've been wondering how my grades are, and yet another semester has gone by of me being a "B" student. It sucks so bad that I know I ahve the potential to be better, but unfortunatley not the resources.

So as I struggeled to get my final assignmetns done I go home Friday (last Friday) to find out my brother found a baby bird, and my neighbor dropped the poor thing, and my mother has housed it in a shoebox on our porch. I spend Friday afternoon and evening taking care of Larry (he looked like the Stooge) as if he were my child, and indeed, I had become his mommy.I fed him from a seringe (sp?) with mushed up Special K and warm water, and cleaned out his home every couple of hours until he finally went to sleep when it got dark out. Then I put a sign on ym door so no one would let the cats in my room and I let him sleep in there with a milk crate over him and a towel to keep it cool and dark.
I woke up at 7 am Saturday morning to feed him as he chirped me awake. I had to go to work during the day but I came home afterward and took care of him for awhile again. He was fine all day, pretty much the same as the day before. As far as I could tell he wasn't very hurt, he seemed to have a problem with his foot but otherwise he was just a baby, and still trying to get developed. He went to sleep again that night the same time as the night before. Sunday morning I woke up with him again and just as I had sat on the floor to feed him, I heard my mom in the hallway yelling for my brother Jason to wake up. Then she knocked on my door. I opened it and she stood there with tears in her eyes and told me to go downstairs to be with my father because my Uncle Salvy had died. He had a bad blood transfusion for an operation or something 30 some years ago and ended up getting hepatitis and eventually liver cancer. My dad had gone around the corner to my Aunt Josie's store to buy milk and hs nephew Lenny pulled him aside and told him they had just gotten the news. My dad got as my neighbor Lizzie's house before he started crying. I fed Larry and showered and waited for Tina before we went around to see the family. Because of the Broad Street Run it took them awhile to take the body (thankfully he was able to pass at home) and we didn't want to be there when that did happen. It was also good we waited because apparently me Aunt Gerry (Salvy's wife) had a confrontation with my dad because she thought he hadn't talked to my uncle at all and was mad at him. My dad went to his brother's room and said goodbye to him but spent the rest of the morning outside b/c my aunt had said she didn't want him at her house. But my dad has seen him and spoke with him just not when he was in the hospital. My dad can't visit people at hospital's its just not his thing. He's not insensitive he's just Mario and if you knew him you would understand.
So tina came to my house and as we were leaving my parents came home. At my Aunt Gerry's, Tina's mom up to us crying and we hugged her and cried too. I had cried a little in the shower but my aunt palma is like a 2nd mom and she got me upset. We made our rounds saying hello to some of ym family I hadn't seen in years. My cousin Tia, who is actually my Uncle Salvy's grandaughter got so tall. She's 12 now, last time I saw her she was probly 7 at the most. We didn't stay long but I went back later with my dad and brother Jason.
My Aunt Gerry was in the yard and we followed my dad out there to see her. They hugged and cried and apologized to one another. I can't see my father cry without crying and then I saw my brothers face all red too and my cousin Susun was balling like a baby. We stayed there for about an hour and then went home for the night.
When I got home I found my mom feeding Larry baby food after I had told her not to. Not only that but she stuffed him and he spent the night on his side looking like he was dieing and couldn't breath. She had made things worse by wetting the poor thing in a retarded attempt to clean him. She thinks b/c she had a friend who had a bird store she knew what she was doing but she overfed him food he couldn't digest and that screwed w/ his immune system. He was up for hours while I napped. I was exhausted. When I woke up he still looked bad and hadn't pooped. This was not a good sign from a creature who had been going at least twice an hour. I started watchign grey's anatomy and it was sad. I looked at my diring bord and thought of my dead uncle and cried like a baby for 15 minutes. I hand't spoken to Brian all day and I was becomign a mess. I finally got him to answer, he had been sleeping all afternoon. I told him everything tha happened and he came over. Larry finally pooped and started to liven up. He was movng a round again but still not as good as new. He ate a little bit more though. He was up all night which wasn't liek him but I figured its cuz he was sick earlier. He finally went to sleep around 3, same time as me. I was sick all night. My allergies worsened b/c I was so stuffy from all of the crying. I woke up Monday at 10:30 which was much later than normal for him. He was still lying on his side for the next 2 hours but he didn't die until around noon. I cried terribly until I called Tina and calmed down a little but when I took him downstairs to tell my parents I cried again. I didn't tell my mom I thought it was her fault and I still havn't.
After work Wednesday I buried LArry in ym backyard. My mom and me and my dog had a funeral for him. That night I went to my uncle's viewing. Brian came with us. I didn't go see the body right away. We had to go comfort my cousin Ange. She was pretty upset because that day was the year anniversary of her friend Ronny's death. I took Brian around and introduced him to some family and then saw my uncle. He looked good, they kept his glasses on him which made him look like him and I liked that. I said goodbye and then they did the mass. The priest was terrible, I nly hope its cuz he was new at it. The viewing lated a long time, the line seemed endless. Again I saw family I hadn't seen in amost a decade since my grandmom had died. I met my grandpop's brother Pete who made me want to cry b/c he looked so much like my grandpop. I tried to introduce Brian to people but told him even if we stay together forever he'll never remember them all. In fact me, tina, and ange were wondering who half the people were.
After it was all over, some of us all had dinner at the Pennrose and my cousin Lenora's husband Vince paid for everyone. It was nice to have a family gathering.
The next morning was the mass but he was cremated so there was no burial. It was at Stella Maris and it wasn't as sad as I thought it would be. There was no eulogy and the singer there was not as depressing as the singer from St. Nicks who Im used to. I cried when they sang Here I am b/c I always cry at that song. I teared up everytime I sw my dad wipe his eyes and when I would glance and see my cousin Michelle who was a mess. My aunts took up the gifts and the look my aunt Josie had on her face as she passed the coffin was pretty bad.
I wish that my family would see one another more than when people die. Even weddings don't seem to get us together. Im lookign forward to my graduation now. I hope Tina's is the same time and that we can have a huge party and invite everyone. It was great seeing my aunt and uncle from Vegas. On Mother's day I went to my aunt Josie's and got to see them and some others again. Maybe this will bring my parent's to start socializing with the family some more.

On a good note, Saturday I went to Anastasia's with my cousins and Brian for my friend Nina's birthday. Tina introduced me to the drink cherry cheesecake and i fell in love. My cousins were drunk and I was tipsy which led to about 40 bathroom trips and Angela giveing me and Brian lapdances. It was fun haha. They had Armageddon on but you couldn't hear it so I filled in the lines for Brian while we watched it. He told me he knew them but I insisted on saying them anyway. If I paid attention more I probly would have cried.

I can't believe Chris got kicked off American Idol. I can't belive they killed Denny on Grey's Anatomy.
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Saturday, May 6th, 2006

Subject:Who Needs Drugs?
Time:2:02 am.
Sometimes when my head hurts, I almost feel fucked up. Seriously though, I have this dull ache in my skull that kind of puts me in a fog. If I didn't know any better I would think my head is spinning involuntarily.

Some good news about drugs and my headaches. Since I lost my health insurance Ive been trying to find ways to get around all of the medicine I take. Turns out the stuff I take for my migraines is just really strong Aleve. So when it runs out I can just take that. Where like normal people take 1 pill for a headache, Ill need to take 3 though. My Dr wants me to call him if this isn't enough so he can give me something else on top of that which will only cost me like $20 for 30 pills. Not too shabby. As for my allergy medicine Im pretty content with taking tylenol severe allergy as a replacement. That basically leaves me paying for asthma related medicine and birth control. Anyone know how Planned PArenthood works when it comes to BC? Maybe I can get it for free there?

Anyway. Almost done school. Cant friggin wait. Wanna know what this feel like? Like I have to pee really bad and I cant find a bathroom. That is the same waiting with school and finals and all. Maybe that doesn't make sense to anyone else. Maybe I really am high off of my skull ache.

My brother found a fallen baby bird today. Then our neighbor dropped the poor darling. I came home from school and spent my afternoon taking care of him and feeding him from a saringe with watered down special k cereal. I dont know what wrong with him, he cant walk (he falls over when he tries) but I dont know why. Nothing looks wrong. Maybe he's just not old enough yet. I named him Larry cuz he looks like Larry from the 3 Stooges. They have the same hair. He has this big cute yellow mouth, it looks like he smiles at me. I think Im his mommy now.

I think I need to stop going tanning. I started getting these weird bumps on my body. Brian thinks it could also be from em trying on clothes yesterday at the mall. Thats a freaky/ gross theory. Im kida hoping its the tanning salon.

Cancun july 28-aug2 for me and brians anniversary. Swimming with dolphins bitches. all inclusive all I can eat and drink, swimming, dancing, BEACH, pretty fish= 940 a person new bathing suit top that makes my boobs look huge, priceless (seriously my cousin gave it to me I paid nothing for it)
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Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

Time:2:50 am.
It has been way too long since I updated.
Let's do this shortly.
Almost done school finally.
Conquered Public Speakign with a B+, not that bad I guess. Im glad it's over, and I actually sort of enjoyed it.
Done my internship. I hated it, but I am hoping to get a job as thier pool monitor for the summer.
I'm going through some messed up shit with my health insurance. If I had not gotten the refund from my tuition payments I would be a complete wreck but at least I have some money saved now.
Also thank god for my boyfriend. I don't know what I would do without him. Things are perfect right now. I couldn't be happier.
I am super in love with hockey. I cannot wait until next summer when I have to do an internship and I can hopefully do something with the Flyers, just in time to get them ready for the following season. This team (and Mike Richards) have taken over that void that the Backstreet Boys left about 5 years ago. Yea they released a another album and I went to 2 shows and met the guys but they arn't in the media the way they used to be and I just can't follow them the way I used to. I like having a something in my life like that, it's a hobby. It's fun and this one has been great because I can actually share this with Brian.
My uncle is in the hospital, h'e not doing good, he's doing a little better but not good. His wife ended up there too. I'm feeling a little bit better bout the situation but there are days I dread going home because I'm afraid of getting some really bad news when I walk in teh door.
For now this is what I have to report. Until next time.
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Thursday, March 16th, 2006

Time:11:23 am.
I changed my major on Tuesday. Sounds crazy since Im a junior but its not so bad. See I was a tourism and hospitality major and now Im a Sports and recreation major which is almost the same thing. At Temple they are under the same school and require many of the same classes. I have taken every class that I needed to that was a requirement for both, and the only class I took that was specifically for T&H was the marketing class I am in now. So all that means is I have to take marketing again for sports. Hopefully I will do that this summer, along with some gym classes to get some extra credits I will need to graduate. And if all goes well, and I get all the right classes when I need them, I will have 1 full year as well as next summer to finish my classes (and like I said maybe this summer) and I can graduate August 2007. It feels so gratifying to be this close and almost finished.
So what happened was, when I got into this major it was mostly based on instinct. I never worked ina hotel and never even stayed at hotels besides stuff in Wildwood which really is much different than any work I would do based off of my degree. For some reason I got it in my head that, this was what I wanted to do. I've always worked in customer service and I'm usually pretty good at it so I guess I thought I could do this too.
But then I got an internship. Up until then all the classes I took focused more on the event planning side of T&H, so this internship is the only thing Ive really learned about hotels. The thing is, it's boring. Sure, the hotel I work at is really small and that can be a major reason but I really don't know if I could spend the rest of my life sitting in a an office working on ways to sell my rooms to people. Plus, you really really have to kiss a lot of customer ass in this field and I don't think I am capable of that. After a year I think I would explode and probly freak on someone and lose my job anyway.
Now I dont have much experience with sports either but I jsut feel like I can be much more passionate about selling seats for a team rather then rooms for a hotel. The thing is, when someone stays at a hotel its not cuz they want to be at a hotel. Its because they need somewhere to stay while they are in that place for fun or work or whatever. Thats not fun to sel at all. But if Im finding ways to sell my seats at a sports event, its because im selling to people that want to see the team I work for, and i think thats fun, especially if I liike the team too (ahem flyers). I like knowing I can be involved in something great, something so many people enjoy. And I dont think I have to kiss as much ass.
Another reason for the switch is location. Ideally, I want to leave Philadelphia. There is a part of me that loves it here, I have a lot of pride for my city and where I come from. At the same time there are many things I hate about it here. The 1 thing that makes me want to leave though is weather. I've spent my whole life always being sick. Much of that is because of the way the weather changes, every new season I get really sick again. I really need to get away and live somewhere with consistant weather, and I would prefer it to be warm weather. But realistically, since my life never has gone the right way, I have to prepare my life as if I won't leave Philly. What if I plan my career as if it won't be here, but then I never leave? Well there is not a single part of me that wants to work for any of the hotels in center city, and in that business that is where the money and opportunity is. But when I do imagine working for a hotel, I want it to be a place people go to b/c they are on a vacation, not because they are there for business, or hospital stays like much of the clients in center city are there for. But if I were here forever there are a number of sports teams I can work for. And its not limited to just that, I can work for Comcast or the stadiums. And I still have the opportunity to leave. I would really perfer to work for the NHL over anythign else. California has 3 hockey teams but I'd mostly be interested in going to like Nevada or Arizona and then I can work for the Phoenix Coyotes.
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Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

Time:11:41 am.
For those of you that care, Im sorry I don't update much. Im sorry that wehn I do the entries are always huge. But here goes another one.
My birthday was Friday and I am officially 21! Kay had a perty for me and it was pretty awesome it just sucks it didn't last long. But we still had fun afterwards. Me, Brian, her, Jeremy, Dave Humes, Mikey, Leighanne, Walt, Zack, this girl LAcey I went to high school with and her boyfriend Eric, all hung out in the kitchen for awhile. They sang happy birthday to me on 1 of many cakes (thanks again Jakki and Kay) and then we ate the cakes as well as throwing them in each others faces, which turns out has a crippling effect on Mikey. Everyone laughed at me because it took me about an hour to eat 1 slice of cake. I had fun during the catual party though too. Took lots of pictures, had my 1st legal shot which was soco and lime thansk to Gabow. Tommy got me a bottle of Baileys which I carried around all night and took shots out of. I also got a bunch of ducky stuffed animals which I love. Im sad I didnt get to dance. Kay, they dont have a tree we can cut down do they (dam your neighbors for calling the cops). My friend Ali stopped by again. He came to my house earlier to give me a gift card to FYe which was really sweet. I also got a $30 card from my cousin Tina to mandees and a gift certificate to get my nails done from my boss. Brians mom gave me money. Brian got me Carmen Electra's stripping workout dvds (i asked for them lol)and a gift card to mandees. He was supposed to get my picture in the review but that fell through. He neded up making me this little ad while he was in work. It was really the sweetest thing, he even wrote me a funny and sweet little poem to go with it. So all in all it was a good weekend.

Im pretty sad though on Sunday was the final game for the Olympics hockey. I really wanted Finland to win, I was rooting for Nitty so bad he deserved that gold more than anyone, but Sweden got it. At least we have a guy on that team too. But Nitty got MVP of the whole series which is still pretty awesome.

Anyway back to the real world. School. Sucks. I have this huge assignment for my speech class. We had to do a term topic and write 3 speeches on it and all this shit. I was supposed to do my 1st speech today, but even though I've been working on the dam thing for the past week (and consider that it was my birthday weekend) I didn't finish the paperwork in time and I just didn't go to class today. Im starting to fall really behind and I hate it. It's not liek Im not putting effort into this, because I am. I really need to get internet acccess on my computer so I can work at home. I hate depending on Brian for this shit, it's defeinitly not helping me in school. I hate that I do not have the same resources most people have and yet Im expected to do the same as them. And it really sucks because I liek my teacher and I respect him a lot and I can't stand having my teachers think Im a slacker and I do not deserve a good chance. Thank god for my nutrition class. It's my saving grace. I love it and I actually look forward to going to it. My marketing class isn't so bad, its just boring. I hate my internship. But I have to look on the bright side, this semester is a hell of a lot better than last semester was.

As for me and Brian- things could not be better. I am really the happiest I have ever been with him. I have 100% trust in him for the 1st time and it has done wonders for both sides of our realtionship. I am comfortable and satisfied so I don't get nervous over stupid little things anymore, I dont nag him, and I dont get all upset when I dont see him. In turn hes happier because he doesnt have all this pressure on him anymore. And it's made him seem sweeter to me. There is really so much I can say but I just cannot find the right words. But if we lasted over 3 years w/ all kinds of crazy, mixed up, confused emotions now that things seem so dam perfect I cannot imagine how much longer we can go on. That is the most uplifting feeling I have in my life, he's my best friend and I could sure keep him around for a long time.
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Sunday, January 8th, 2006

Time:11:57 pm.
So I only have a week left until school starts again. I am definitly not looking forward to that. Last semester totally took away any liking I had for school. I'm really hoping that the internship will be fun and make this semester a little bit better. I still do not know where I am doing it though. It took my councelor so long to do his part (he had to contact everyone first then send me their information). Then Friday I called them all but no one was in. So tomorrow on my break Im gonna call them all again and try to set up some interviews for after work or after work on Tuesday. I do have 1 interview w/ 2 people from The Holiday Inn Express on 13th and Walnut. The guy is the front desk manager and the girl is the director of sales. Front desk is more my thing Ill probly go w/that.
Meanwhile I found out I am on financial probation now b/c of the bitch teacher that didn't give me a good enough grade to get credit for her class. I only got 9 credits this past semester and i need 24 during the whole year or else next year I will have to pay tuition again. I don't think I can do that again. That will mean my summer will be shot. I won't be able to spend anything, and I was really hoping to go to California. Hopefully my internship is worth a lot of credits or else I HAVE to take summer classes. Thing bout that though is you pay out of pocket unless you take 2 classes. I don't mind (well I do a little) but I'm just worried they won't be offering anything I need.
Meanwhile New years was pretty good. Partied it up at Kays. Right before midnight me and Brian ran over to the Sats to see Zack and we watched the ball drop and all hugged and whatnot then did some shots together before he came out with us. There was lots of hugging and whatnot fun stuff. Vinnie picked me up and spun me around and killed my ribs haha. Brian got trashed and went into work at 3:45 am. I went home only slightly drunk and woke up alright. Went back to Kays at like 5 pm. I didn't really go outside much cuz well most of my friends dont do that much. The guys are all already too trashed from being in the parade and Kay is lazy. Sorry dear you know you are. Brian usually walks around with me but he got home at noon and slept til like 9. He didn't get down there until like 10:30. Til then I made my way back and forth between Kays and Tommys. I was at Kays for awhile w/her, Allison, Lavinia, and Ally. We were doing shots and talking it was fun. I walked around with Ally for a little bit cuz she wanted to see Billy march but we couldn't find him. Tommy was done pretty early. He was trashed. He tried to spit on his mom but we think he didn't know it was her. Googly eyes showed up and Tommy was totally oblivious to him being near him on the couch. When Brian came we got Zack and walked around for a little bit but things were getting like cleaned up by then. I started to feel really sick and my brother came and got us eventually. While we were waiting for him though I threw up. I wasn't drunk or anything. I think I must have eaten something or drank something that didn't agree with me because I woke up fine the next day. I felt like ya do when ya have a virus though not drunk throw up at all.

Then I spent the next week doing hardly anything. I worked. Went out Wednesday night. Got in a fight w/ Brin b/c he watched animal death. Next night he came over after work and we fought over that and soem other stuff I was mad about. He thought I approached him wrong and that I should have asked him nicely but I told him last time I did he still got real defensive. I was also already mad about the animal shit so I said shit wrong. But we worked it out. I told him I've actually been really happy lately and I think that things have been going really well for us. I mean from the beginning of our relationship we always had something going on and we finally dont. And Ive finally had that period of time I needed to heal and get comfortable. It took over 3 years but I guess if we could be happy in 3 years with all that from now on things are gonna be the best they ever have been. He just bought me a Jeremy Roenick bobblehead, just because. And i told him we should go to a Capitals/Flyers game for Valentines Day instead of presents and he said yea I actually bid on tickets for that game 2 days ago on ebay. He ended up winning so were goin to a game Feb 10! Im so excited.

Yesterday I went shopping and got fun clothes. $30 for a new coat go me!
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Monday, December 26th, 2005

Time:7:58 pm.
My christmas was rather ncie this year. I couldn't sleep cuz I was so excited over presents, I felt like a little kid. But I woke right up at 9 when Brian got back from church,
So he got me:
this pretty picture for my room from ikea
2 picture frames w/funny animal pics for me to put in them
5 lb weights
a cute ikea lamp (and bulbs)
season 7 & 10 of Friends
the movie Shag
$20 gift card to Bath and Body Works
$50 gift card to Mandees
$50 gift card to Deptford Mall

his mom got me a $20 card to Bath and Body and cute gloves
Brian liked all the stuff I got him, except he already had the new Disturbed cd, but I gave him the receipt so he could exchange it. I also got him a Micheal Buble cd and the new Call of Duty to go with his gift card to buy a new x-box (me and his parents split the cost for that). He was surprised bout all that but I gave him a Linkin Park calander, The Longest Yard, and Jumanji as well. And a funny little key chain of a character he likes from Full Metal Alchemist. So it was a good year for both of us.

Then we went to my house and gave my family there presents. Except Donny. He didn't get him anything yet and I gave him his cacti which he kept calling cacati and loved.

My dad since told me his scratch off tickets were losers. I would have given him more if I didn't lose $45 the other night. Which reminds me thought hat my boss got me a powerball ticket and I forgot to watch the drawing but she wrote down my numbers. I'm assuming I lost or else she would have called me.

So what else did I get? Wynia gave me a $20 gift card to Mandees and my grandmom gave me $10.
I went w/ Brian to his dads which was fun. I got to meet his new nephew Alex who is 6 months old. He's half white and half Vietnamese. He looks more white but he does have slightly squinty eyes but he is too cute. I had fun playing w/him. So I got this really cool book about Friends, 2 Stitch toys, a candle that smells like cake frosting, a Tony Amonte card,perfume and some cute earings.

Later we went to my Aunt Palma's and met there new puppy Jake. He was really cute, he's sooo small!
My cousin Ange gave me my present and she put it together in this box it looked like something a pimp would get lol. The box was lined w/ $1 bills cuz she owed me money. Then there was a venus razor, a cute thong, lotion and a small bottle for me to put my lotion in. Tina got me headbands, this huge bottle of bubblebath/shampoo/bodywash, and socks.

And that is it. I made out well. Now I must shop!

Just gotta find time.
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Sunday, December 25th, 2005

Time:12:10 am.
Dam I cannot wait to get my presents from Brian. So far I got body spray and lotion (love spell) from K, strawberry daquery drinks from tommy, $25 from brians grandmom, scraves from his aunt, and $100 gift card to mandees from my mom and dad, oh and a bsb dvd from my brother.
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Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

Time:12:21 am.
I have had absolutely no time to update. School is over and I am still stressed beyond belief. It's amazing my hair hasn't fallen out.
This has had to be the toughest semester I have faced in my life. I only had 4 classes but it was insane. I hate the fact that because I have no money I wasn't able to complete assignments or do things to the best of my ability b/c I have no computer and I cannot buy books. I'm not gonna be a liar and say that was the only reason why things did not get done but it was no where near because of any laziness on my part. I worked my ass off between work and school and I had no choice but to work so much. My life revolves around one vicious cycle of never having enough, whether it be time or money. I did as much as I could for each class but if I was working to finish a project for one class it meant I lost precious time to work on another classes' assignments. So in the end I don't think I've received a single A which pisses me off b/c I know I deserve better. I know that I worked hard for them and I know I know the material. I feel alright with the B's I received though in my diversity class (b/c I could have pushed harder to do better on the group projects) and sociology (b/c I could have put better work into my current events portfolio), and my Meetings class (b/c maybe I could have found a way to attend one of the required meetings).
But my entrepreurship class was complete bullshit. We were only graded on 3 things; the midterm, the business plan, and the final. Now honestly I did not study as hard as I did for other classes on my midterm but in all fairness she told us it was a multiple choice. If I had thought otherwise I would have worried more but I did have two other midterms that day. But the bitch lied! It was no where near a multiple choice test and she gave no partial credit for rediculous questions that should very well have given us partial credit (imagine being asked to name 5 fruits but you can only name 4 and the teacher tells you well your completely wrong, well it was along those lines but having to do with business). Now as for the business plan, she was very unclear, often contradicted herself, and impossible to get in touch with for any help. When I was able to ask questions she only saw things her way and only confused me more. So she was of no help to me and I had no idea what I was doing. So I did poorly on this. What kind of teacher gives you an assingment though, tells you not to copy the information on the bored because she will post it online and then only posts it online a week before its due? Even afte I e-mailed her twice about it? Then she turns them back in to you to redo them with not a correction on them? Then the final. ;et me tell you I studied my ass off for that shit and I knew the information frontward and backward and I got a c? I know I should have gotten an A but she gave us trick questions. Im not one to lie. If I deserve a bad grade I admit it but this was rediculous. She isn't even a teacher! She is some real entrepreneur they hired and was like here teach these kids, who are paying to hear your thoughts and receice hones feedback from you. She did a poor job but she still got paid. I did a poor job b/c she was no help but do I still get an A? No I probably have to retake my elective now. Yes all this over a damn elective. I have never seen such bullshit in my life!

Anyway. Now that Im done ranting. What else is new? Stressing over finding an internship, a new job, and finishing x-mas shopping. Ugh !
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Sunday, December 18th, 2005

Time:12:45 am.
ok so i totally fucked up my lj page lol good luck reading it
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Sunday, December 4th, 2005

Time:1:40 am.
Last weekend me and Brian went to see Walk the Line. Joaquin and Reese are great in it. I already liked Joaquin but ya know what, since Im pissed at Brad Pitt for bein a bad husband, I have decided to replace him with Joaquin as my favorite actor. A plus: Joaquin is a vegan. Thats awesome. Resse, I never liked her but I think this is finally a rold that let her show her talents off and she was great. I dunno if it was her work or if June Carter was really that great but I fell in love with the character. She was a badass woman. And I was seriously surprised at how good Reese sang.

So moving on. I did some volunteer stuff for school this week at the convention center. It was the hotel olympics. It was actually pretty fun. The people were nuts. Im glad I went cuz it gave me more of an idea of what the hotels here could be like for me to work in.

Then Thursday I had an interview with the Philadelphia Soul for an internship. They pretty much are gonna take me I just need to clear it with my councelor. It really sounds cool. The guy I talked with and his secretary were both really nice and I think I would feel comfortable working with them. The hours are flexible and I could get some of them done at the games which is convenient cuz there right by my house. And when I work the games Id get done after half time and Id be allowed to sit in our there box and watch the rest and chill with coworkers. Not to mention Im sure Bon Jovi might be there soemtimes. AHHhh I wanna work there just to meet him! That would be so cool. Seriously though the job sounds fun. Im just scared to take the 1st thing that comes along. Well see how it goes.

Speaking of Bon Jovi, last night ,me and Brian went to the concert. Ange wanted to sneak us in her box but it didnt quite work out. But our seats wern't too terrible. The sound was terrific. I was a little disappointed b/c they didn't do any of my fave songs from the new cd. But they sang all the classics of course so that was fun. I was really impressed with how much he does with the fans. He sang in the 1st level and the whole time he was touching and kissing people. He slow danced with one girl. It was very sweet. And earlier they let some woman up on stage with him and she grabbed him before she had to go and started making out with him. It was so funny. I give her credit for having the balls to do that! I was thinking at 1st that sucks for his wife. But then I was like well at this point in his life hes probly slept with a shitload of women and hes probly happy with his wife so I can assume he is faithful to her on a normal basis so if he is kissing people as part of his show, I think I could handle that if I were his wife. I mean it probly meant nothing to him but that woman gets to go home and tell everyone she made out with Jon Bon Jovi! Thats incredible.
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Thursday, November 24th, 2005

Time:10:36 pm.
Last night me and Brian rented The Jacket. We sat in at my house and watched that while drinking pina caladas and eating popcorn. It was a ncie night. Movie was pretty good.
I had to get up early as shit to watch the Macy Parade cuz I had to for one of my classes. I woke up put it on watched a half an hour of it and fell back asleep. Like an hour later I jumped up in the middle of my sleep cuz I thought I heard them say the backstreet boys. As I jumped up my cat ran away from my head where she was apparently sleeping even though she wasnt in my room when I fell asleep (my mom let her in). I looked at the tv but there was no bsb. I dont know if I missed it or if I had dreamed it. Im nuts I know.
So I ate at home a little bit. Then I went to Brians grandmoms and ate some more there. Then he went with me to my aunt sues in Jersey. Then we came home and played this Spongebob game on his xbox thats kinda like mario party for game cube. its fun. hes playin something else now. I wanna play our game again though. So Im gonna go.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Monday, November 21st, 2005

Time:1:58 pm.
Where the hell did November go??
Seriously this month has gone by so fast. But that's good because I'm excited for Christmas and New Years and lord knows I cannot wait for this semester to be done with. I need to start working on my intership. I finished up my volunteer work for on class and Im waiting for the Constitution Center to get back to me about doing some work there.
So yea I spent 3 days this weekend with old people in a nursing home. It wasn't that bad. The staff I worked with was cool. They have a pet cat on the 3rd floor and you know animals make anything better for me. I filed old ladies nails lol.
Friday night I went and played laser tag with Jimmy and Brian. I kicked some girly ass. Seriously girls are usually agraid to try cuz they feel stupid and then they suck. Not me. In the 1st match I kept gettin these same girls over and over again and the 1 girl finally got me back and started yelling like an idiot so I mocked her and still kicked her ass. Its fun doing stuff im good at. Oh and our power went out in the neighborhood and I had to take a shower by candle light.
Saturday I watched Chicago until Brian got done work and called Zack. I didn't get to finish watching it but I liked it so I need to at some point. Then we went to FDR and I played Brians Game Boy in the car while they skated/biked whatever. Zacks light is broke in the car so I had to use Brians key ring flashlight to see while I played so I sat there with it in my mouth which got annoying. Meanwhile Im starving. So we went to McDonalds and I ate that the night before and didnt want it again and I got grumpy from being hungry. So Zack made me Ellios. Then the singer from his band showed us some sick pictures from Iraq cuz he just got back from being there for 9 months.
Yesterday Me and my brother got Brian from work then picked up Kays bunny and brought it to Brians. We need to rename it though. His mom can never remember what its called lol.
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